Why the London Club?

With its outstanding events and professional facilities, it is clear why the London Club has been a sought after membership for well over a century.

Members join to talk business, connect, and entertain. We are known for personalized service, culinary excellence, and a remarkable experience unlike any other in the city.
Come experience why business professionals have chosen to dine and connect at the London Club since 1880.

  • Extensive award winning wine cellar with the largest selection of labels in the Forest City
  • London’s finest cuisine and dining facilities
  • Personalized Service that exceeds expectations
  • Complimentary spousal membership
  • Concierge Service
  • Centrally located in Downtown London
  • A calendar year for great business and social events to enhance your professional and personal life
  •  Only 20 minutes from London’s International Airport
  • Private Business Centre to help simplify important meetings at no additional charge
  • London’s first choice for hosting receptions, banquets, business meetings, graduations,
    weddings and more…



  • $1500 Initiation
  • Age: 19-29



  • $2500 Initiation
  • Age: 30-40



  • $2500 Initiation
  • Age: 41-59



  • $2500 Initiation
  • Age: 60+

Senior Associate


  • $2500 Initiation
  • Age: 70+



  • $2500 Initiation per member
  • Age: N/A